Wanted: Electrical Engineer

✅ Join a respected DESIGN team ✅ Professional development ✅ Flexible work arrangements ✅ Company vehicle can be negotiated into salary package ✅ Exclusively industrial and heavy commercial electrical design

Did you become an engineer so you could DESIGN rather than just manage subbies and complete JSAs? Do you have the confidence to put your name behind what you create? Are you looking for an exciting new challenge? Then this could be the perfect role for you…if you’ve got what it takes! Join our growing team!

You will learn how to: ask great questions to make you more effective; add real value for our customers; think strategically to provide comprehensive solutions; and we’ll help you be better today – as a professional, as a teammate, as a contributor. These are our core values.

You will be responsible for detailed engineering design for HV and LV infrastructure at airports, hospitals, quarries, bulk water facilities, logistics facilities, renewable energy systems, … the list goes on. Apply your skills where they are needed, make a difference and make your name as an engineer!

Here’s why working with us will be the best career move you ever make:

We’re a young business, but with an unmatched breadth of electrical infrastructure experience. You’ll be supported in your work with ongoing training and professional development. You will have full project life-cycle exposure. Our structured design processes and team-based approach will ensure your success (we don’t do ‘project heroes’). You’ll earn a great salary, grow your professional network and work alongside some of the best in the industry. This is an exciting and dynamic role in a fast-growing company, every day is a new challenge! 

Formal qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering, or a similar overseas degree assessed by Engineers Australia as entitling the applicant to Professional Engineer status.
  • Masters degree not essential and not really valued or desired
    * Member of Engineers Australia or fulfils the prerequisites for membership as a Professional Engineer

Other technical skills (desirable):

  • Knows an LV switchboard from the inside out. Can identify componentry from relays, contactors, overloads, to the different types of circuit breakers (MCBs, MCCBs, ACBs) and understands the differences in how they protect a circuit.
  • Knows the standards and design concepts relevant to LV switchboard design. AS3000, AS3008.1.1, AS61439.
  • Can easily describe all the aspects of the design of an LV switchboard and installation – protection discrimination, coordination, backup; cable sizing for ampacity, FLI, short-circuit temperature rise; form factor of LV boards, …
  • Understands sequence component analysis of faults
  • Has done power system modelling using either PowerCAD, PTW or ETAP and can demonstrate an ability to translate the outcomes of the modelling into appropriate design solutions. Knows techniques to employ to improve the model (eg to lower the arc flash incident energy, or to eliminate arc flash hazards through design)

Career experience (desirable):

  • Has been involved in the full life-cycle of industrial electrical infrastructure project, from prospecting potential customers/projects, to tendering, project initiation, design, procurement, installation, commissioning, close-out, post-project support.
  • Knows how to estimate AND how to prepare a tender. Ie has enough experience to read between the lines of a specification OR to assess the required scope from a very limited concept brief. Will prepare a bid for detailed design work which clearly communicates our capabilities, the scope we are willing to take on (our battery limits), the technical qualifications which will protect us from common issues such as ‘scope creep’, ‘because-we-can engineering’, unnecessary gold-plating, etc. Will also have the capability to review proposed contract terms and protect us accordingly.
  • Has worked hands-on commissioning LV switchboards
  • Has worked hands-on commissioning HV switchboards

Soft skills:

  • A great communicator. Can prepare a great looking document, is easy to talk to, will speak up in meetings or other formal settings with insightful comments.
  • Presents well. Wears an ironed shirt to the office. When going to site, irons their hi-vis shirt as well. Keeps their desk tidy.
  • Exudes confidence and has self-confidence (but NOT arrogance). People like dealing with them.
  • Knows that even if they’re the smartest person in the room, everyone can have a meaningful input. A genuine respect for others’ skillsets.
  • Can read between the lines. Won’t just do the letter of what’s instructed but will take loose instructions and will use problem-solving skills and engineering judgement to determine an elegant and complete solution.
  • Is world-wise. Can get themselves to and from work, to and from site without babysitting. Can organise themselves. Is reliable and punctual.
  • Is thoughtful. Anticipates the needs of those around them and contributes to a professional environment (doesn’t have to be asked to refill the paper towels in the bathroom or empty the dishwasher).
  • Has had to fend for themselves. Has proactively taken part-time jobs while studying, has lived away from home and had to be self-reliant.
  • Understands that they’re working for a commercial enterprise. That time is money and that job security is assured if they contribute to the growth and profitability of the company.
  • Can and does bring in new business through personal networks. Customers follow them to CJR.
  • Is not a back-office boffin. Enjoys collaborating with peers and sharing knowledge. Good at research to fill gaps in their knowledge.
  • Is good at the detail. Understands their role as an engineer is to design and make things work. Won’t rely on others to make their work right. Near enough is not good enough.
  • Has outside interests beyond work and engineering. If into sport, has played a team sport. Not interested in lone wolfs. Enjoys a drink, or if not a drinker, can still enjoy spending time in a social setting with those who do.
  • Can network in a work environment with a bunch of people they don’t know, won’t just stand in the corner but will proactively instigate conversation and portray the company in a good light.
    If you think you’ve got what it takes, then apply using the form below.