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Our Story - Inside ConsultJR

Over the next 20 years, I worked my way up through the ranks from PLC/SCADA engineer to a senior executive role as Associate Director responsible for all major industrial projects with a team of...

Our Philosophy

How we work and solve problems today should not have a short shelf-life. What we do and what we produce for asset owner clients should be well documented, understandable and easily accessible for future generations to use and learn from. We firmly believe our role as design engineers is to ensure electrical equipment and control systems stand the test of time and make it easy for the next guy... How we do this is by utilising our renowned 3-lens framework.




The design comprises three optical lenses: first, a negative meniscus which has the properties of deflecting incoming light sources away from the line of focus as depicted. It is characterised by the radius of curvature of the incident surface (i1) being greater than that of the exiting surface (i2). This represents IDEAS, whereby a stream of numerous, unfiltered ideas/ thoughts/ requirements passes through our ideas lens and are allowed to diverge in a controlled manner using the concept of divergent thinking being the first step in a creative problem-solving model.



The resulting ideas/ thoughts/ requirements are passed through a second lens, being a zero meniscus with the properties of radius of curvature, e1 = e2. This lens is characterised by first levelling out the incident light and then separating the beams into parallel paths. This represents EXPERIENCE, whereby selected elements of the divergent thinking step are levelled out/ sorted/ parsed using our collective experience and selectively progressed to the final lens.



The final lens is a positive meniscus which has the properties of radius of curvature of the incident surface (d1) being greater than d2. This causes incident light to be focussed at the focal point. This represents DESIGN, whereby we leverage our engineering design capabilities to bring the selected ideas/ thoughts/ requirements together into a single, elegant design solution that can be progressed (off the page) to construction.



Hear Geoff's Experience

"They are approachable, willing to help us on projects that are "out of the box," and have been specific in making sure that we get the engineering outcomes we need..."

Why We Exist

Since the early pioneers, we've faced many dangers harnessing the benefits of electricity. That's why today, as ConsultJR electrical engineers, our role is duty bound both to you and to our former early colleagues by ensuring the electricity systems in use today protect your people, assure your assets, and advance your knowledge.

Protect Your People

The primary service we provide is to ensure your people and the general public are protected from the risks associated with the use of electricity. More than administrative controls or PPE, the design of your electrical infrastructure is your most effective tool to protect your people. We provide peace of mind. 

Assure Your Assets

It's critical that your assets are properly used, maintained, and managed in order to minimise risk and potential losses and to derive the greatest economic benefit to your organisation. We give this assurance to our clients in the design of systems, fit-for-purpose equipment and infrastructure.

Advance Your Knowledge

You want to be sure your people have the confidence to oversee the day-to- day operation of the asset as well as know what to do in the event of an incident.
We prepare and oversee an ongoing preventative maintenance plan. We take it as a great compliment if your staff understand our design as well as we do.

Our Core Values

Ask Great Questions

The body of knowledge in our field is huge. We’ll never know it all, but we’re good problem solvers, and we use our experience to ask great questions of those with the best knowledge of the asset. Client engineers, electricians, maintenance staff, operators... they are all valuable contributors to assist us in producing the best solution.

Be Better Today

Professional development and growth is stitched into the fabric of ConsultJR. Personal research, formal training and tackling new engineering problems is ingrained in our culture. Today we will be a better designer, a more knowledgeable engineer, a better advisor, and a more valuable contributor than we were yesterday. When our work doesn't meet our own expectations, we figure out why and address the root cause. We learn and we get better as a result.

Add Real Value

Electrical engineering design is at the pointy end of any infrastructure project and is often seen as a dark art. We always provide real and measurable value. We don’t do rubber-stamping. We don’t do ‘because-we-can’ engineering. We will make our clients assets more robust, safer, and more reliable through considered and elegant design. Our contribution is our clients’ intellectual property - we will take the time to ensure they can leverage our knowledge and experience.

Think Strategically

We proactively identify opportunities and challenges and provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that meet the present and future needs of our clients. This reflects the importance of anticipating and preparing for the long-term implications of our work, rather than simply focusing on the here and now. It also emphasises the value of creative and divergent thinking in problem- solving, as well as the commitment to providing high-quality solutions to clients.

Client Testimonial

ConsultJR have collaborated with Coogee Chemicals for a number of years to provide electrical engineering support services to interface our HV network to supply electrolysers. ConsultJR originally worked with Coogee to modify their internal HV network to fully utilise the existing Plant 4 electrolyser and 7MVA transformer.
After the success of the Plant 4 project, I was keen to engage ConsultJR for a similar project for a new rectifier and transformer at Plant 3 and I’ve been working closely with them for over a year producing great outcomes. ConsultJR provided proactive responses to any issues throughout the project.

I am very impressed with ConsultJR’s professionalism, technical expertise, and dedication to timely advice to keep the project moving forward. They were always available to answer our questions, address any concerns, and provide regular updates on progress and any outcomes. I’d highly recommend ConsultJR and the team to anyone in the manufacturing industry for their electrical engineering needs.”

Sven Schroeter

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

Australia & Beyond

We operates both nationally and internationally, providing our services to clients across Australia and through the APEC regions. With a team of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers, we are equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexities. Our global reach and extensive network of partners allow us to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to clients all around the world.

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