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We specialise in low voltage design, providing comprehensive solutions that consider the entire lifecycle of your system. Our team has decades of experience working on complex projects – so we have you covered.

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We provide all aspects of low voltage electrical systems design in compliance with installation standards, including AS 61439, AS3000 and AS 3008.1. Our expertise in switchboard design, industrial reticulation and control, lighting, and surge protection guarantees the safety and protection of your assets and personnel. With our arc flash studies, we go beyond numerical outputs to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring safer solutions for your business. We deliver reliable and effective low voltage design solutions that safeguard your operations.

Client Testimonial

ConsultJR have collaborated with Coogee Chemicals for a number of years to provide electrical engineering support services to interface our HV network to supply electrolysers. ConsultJR originally worked with Coogee to modify their internal HV network to fully utilise the existing Plant 4 electrolyser and 7MVA transformer.
After the success of the Plant 4 project, I was keen to engage ConsultJR for a similar project for a new rectifier and transformer at Plant 3 and I’ve been working closely with them for over a year producing great outcomes. ConsultJR provided proactive responses to any issues throughout the project.

I am very impressed with ConsultJR’s professionalism, technical expertise, and dedication to timely advice to keep the project moving forward. They were always available to answer our questions, address any concerns, and provide regular updates on progress and any outcomes. I’d highly recommend ConsultJR and the team to anyone in the manufacturing industry for their electrical engineering needs.”

Sven Schroeter

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

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"They are approachable, willing to help us on projects that are "out of the box," and have been specific in making sure that we get the engineering outcomes we need..."

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The ConsultJR Philosophy

At ConsultJR, as electrical engineers, our role is duty bound both to you and to our former early colleagues by ensuring the electricity systems in use today protect your people, assure your assets, and advance your knowledge.

Protect Your People

The primary service we provide is to ensure your people and the general public are protected from the risks associated with the use of electricity. More than administrative controls or PPE, the design of your electrical infrastructure is your most effective tool to protect your people. We provide peace of mind.

Assure Your Assets

It's critical that your assets are properly used, maintained, and managed in order to minimise risk and potential losses and to derive the greatest economic benefit to your organisation. We give this assurance to our clients in the design of systems, fit-for-purpose equipment and infrastructure.

Advance Your Knowledge

You want to be sure your people have the confidence to oversee the day-to- day operation of the asset as well as know what to do in the event of an incident.
We prepare and oversee an ongoing preventative maintenance plan. We take it as a great compliment if your staff understand our design as well as we do.

Ideas - Experience - Design

Australia & Beyond

We operate both nationally and internationally, providing our services to clients across Australia and through the APEC regions. With a team of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers, we are equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexities. Our global reach and extensive network of partners allow us to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to clients all around the world.

Our 5-Point Guarantee

1. Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you'll be thrilled with our service. If you're not, we'll bend over backward to make it right at no cost to you. We're committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients, and our satisfaction guarantee is a testament to that promise. With us, your success is guaranteed.

2. Timeliness Guarantee

We get it: time is money, and we won't waste either. Our timeliness guarantee is our pledge to never let you down. Trust us to meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations. If we miss the mark due to our own missteps, we'll throw all our energy into getting your project back on track ASAP. 

3. Quality Guarantee

You deserve nothing but the best, and that's exactly what we promise to deliver. Our quality guarantee ensures that everything we produce and every interaction we have with you meets or exceeds your expectations. We're not just here to provide a service - we're here to help you succeed. 

4. Confidentiality Guarantee

We take your privacy as seriously as you do. Our confidentiality guarantee promises that your confidential commercial information will always be safe and sound. We'll never let any third party get their hands on it without your explicit permission. Trust is the foundation of all our relationships.

5. Fixed Price Guarantee

We believe in pricing that's fair, transparent, and all- inclusive. That's why our fixed price guarantee promises that the price we quote you will be competitive and comprehensive, covering everything you need from a trusted partner. No shortcuts, no surprises, and no questionable variations. 

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