New Northern Intake Substation Bringing Reliable Power To Gold Coast Airport

CJR’s principal, Justin Read was GM Industrial at Pensar Utilities Pty Ltd in 2015 when this project was awarded by Gold Coast Airport to design and install a new intake substation comprising 13 panels of ABB Unigear 11kV switchgear. When CJR was formed, Justin and his team completed this project and subsequently were engaged both as a subcontractor to Pensar and directly by Gold Coast Airport to provide ongoing design and construction services including a significant augmentation to the switchboard in 2018- 19.

Scope of Works included:

  • Detailed design, selection procurement and delivery management 11kV switchboard
  • Design, selection, procurement and supervision of installation of PLC cabinet, battery charger, LV MSB
  • Specification of switchroom building to house switchgear and ancillary equipment
  • Design, delivery management for 11kV feeder from NISS to AFP building
  • Design, procurement, installation and testing of vacuum circuit breaker and protection equipment for spare 11kV feeders
  • Design, selection installation and testing in conjunction with Energex of switchgear and protection relays to facilitate parallel 1250A 11kV incomers

Project Highlights:

  • Significant sub-system interface design: 11kV switchgear; Energex SEL monitoring cabinet; Energex metering cabinet; PLC cabinet; battery charger; 
  • 13 panels of ABB Unigear 11kV withdrawable switchgear
  • Directional and feeder differential protection on parallel 1250A incomers
  • Sensitive earth-fault protection via core- balance CTs on feeders with overhead line component
  • Feeder cable thermistors
  • 100kVA ancillary services transformer
  • Incomer status monitoring via SEL2505 relays
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix distributed PLC system for switchboard monitoring and control
  • Remote SCADA operator panel
  • Location: Gold Coast Airport, QLD
  • Client: Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd
  • Duration: 2015 - 2019 (in stages)

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