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We are always on the hunt for great, likeminded and talented people to join our exceptional team of professional engineers. If you operate in alignment with our company core values and you believe you have what it takes to become a member of our team - apply today!

Why Work At ConsultJR?

Make A Change

Stuck in a boring job? Or looking for an exciting new opportunity? Life moves fast. Make the change today.

Make A Difference

Be a part of bringing power to Australia and the world, leaving a legacy and becoming part of a lifelong family.

Make A Great Living

Our people are our greatest asset, so we want to help them create an exceptional life that ticks all their boxes.

Hear From Our Team

After many years in control system development and commissioning, and then utility solar construction, I was looking for a change in career direction favouring electrical engineering design. ConsultJR was the perfect choice of employer to kickstart this journey. Justin saw the opportunity to leverage my control systems and field experience to develop me into a more effective engineer. 

I've been working at ConsultJR for over a year now where each of us are encouraged to be the best engineers we can be. This is demonstrated by the opportunities for me to participate in numerous professional development activities and work towards my registration as a professional engineer. ConsultJR is a company that provides excellent work-life balance which for me means I can work remote a lot of the time.

Justin is both a manager and leader, and his growing team of engineers provide great mentoring for developing engineers throughout all career stages. A great company to work for."

Natasha Ellerman

Electrical & Control Systems Engineer

Words From Justin

Over the years ConsultJR has built a strong reputation for being one of SEQ’s leading electrical consulting specialists – none of which is possible without the collective efforts of our hardworking and dedicated staff who all share the same mindset towards our work and the standards we set for ourselves.

We are grounded in service to our people. We’re here to help build a better future in whatever way we can. By going above and beyond for our employees like family —people always come first at ConsultJR.

Justin Read


BE(elec) hons MBA FIEAust RPEQ CPEng NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus) Grad AICD

Work For A Specialist Queensland-Based Engineering Design Consultant

What You'll Find At ConsultJR

Attractive Pay

We're building a team of South East Queensland's best electrical engineers, and we reward them with competitive compensation to suit.

Exciting Projects

Never feel bored with the dynamic range of exciting and diverse projects that we work on each week that cover from SEQ to the world.

Advance Your Skillsets

Work with a team of specialist design engineers that have decades of combined experience in the electrical infrastructure space.

Career Progression

With ConsultJR's growing reputation, our team is always building and the roles within are always evolving for the right people to lead.

Sense Of Ownership

We pride ourselves on our decentralised style of management where everyone in the team has total responsibility and ownership of their role.

A Boss Who Cares

Justin's personal mission is to make ConsultJR the most enjoyable engineering workplace by going above and beyond for his employees, like family.

Ideas - Experience - Design

Hear From Our Team

I started my engineering profession in the very same electrical contracting company as Justin, back in 2003. I learnt a lot during my time there, as it was vertically integrated from design, through to manufacturing, installation through to testing and commissioning. I also had memorable experiences working on many large infrastructure projects managed by Justin. His projects were always the interesting ones that got me visiting places all over Australia and even overseas.

When I decided it was time to progress my career and start paying forward to the next generation of engineers, ConsultJR was the logical place I went to. In the years that I have been working here since, Justin’s set the path for me and many others to follow in ensuring that we value our profession, receive the recognition and also make sure the next generation of engineers also have the same opportunities as we had when we were starting out.

We all bring with us, a different perspective on how to approach problems, but we all share the same fundamental beliefs that we need to treat our projects, customers and also ourselves, with the highest quality and not be afraid to change the way we work to achieve those goals. The management at ConsultJR’s a great supporter of this and go out of their way to ensure we have the flexibility we want to achieve our best. 

Ho Wong

Design Manager

Our Core Values

Ask Great Questions

The body of knowledge in our field is huge. We’ll never know it all, but we’re good problem solvers, and we use our experience to ask great questions of those with the best knowledge of the asset. Client engineers, electricians, maintenance staff, operators... they are all valuable contributors to assist us in producing the best solution.

Be Better Today

Professional development and growth is stitched into the fabric of ConsultJR. Personal research, formal training and tackling new engineering problems is ingrained in our culture. Today we will be a better designer, a more knowledgeable engineer, a better advisor, and a more valuable contributor than we were yesterday. When our work doesn't meet our own expectations, we figure out why and address the root cause. We learn and we get better as a result.

Add Real Value

Electrical engineering design is at the pointy end of any infrastructure project and is often seen as a dark art. We always provide real and measurable value. We don’t do rubber-stamping. We don’t do ‘because-we-can’ engineering. We will make our clients assets more robust, safer, and more reliable through considered and elegant design. Our contribution is our clients’ intellectual property - we will take the time to ensure they can leverage our knowledge and experience.

Think Strategically

We proactively identify opportunities and challenges and provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that meet the present and future needs of our clients. This reflects the importance of anticipating and preparing for the long-term implications of our work, rather than simply focusing on the here and now. It also emphasises the value of creative and divergent thinking in problem- solving, as well as the commitment to providing high-quality solutions to clients.

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Hear From Our Team

After I first got my Bachelor’s degree of electrical engineer in China, I was working as an electrical engineer on site as solving problems with smart engineering approaches is always of my great interest. However, I realised that I would like to get involved with the design work which is challenging and requires engineer’s mind, instead of commissioning and installation that can usually be easily implemented with manuals.

To become a qualified designer engineer, I came to Australia to study for a Master’s degree, which enhanced my ability of being an independent problem-solver. After the graduation of my postgraduate study, I was glad to join CJR as an electrical engineer as normally Australian company would prefer local people which might create barriers for foreigners to get on board. I really appreciate that CJR views all the interviewees as potential CJR engineers regardless of where they were working or got educated.

As an overseas-trained engineer, it is a bit challenging for me to keep up speed with my colleagues initially as I need to go through Australia standards, bridge the cultural gaps and understand how to apply them in a proper way. My supportive colleagues have been helping me all the way to achieve a competent understanding of both engineering principles and project management.

The work in CJR is interesting as we are allocated different projects from time to time which can keep me passionate since I need to develop various methodologies for different projects. While I come across a problem, my colleagues and supervisor will only guide me to apply engineering approaches to find out the answers by myself without directly telling me the answer as a professional design engineer will finally become an independent problem solver.

I am on the right track to become a Chartered Professional Engineer where CJR offers several trainings annually. Furthermore, I can always speak out if I would like to take training courses in a specific area that I am interested.

CJR cares about and takes good care of my visa, therefore, I do not need to worry about anything related to my visa application. I am now sponsored by CJR and happy with working here in the future. CJR is capable of supporting both graduates and experienced engineers holding temporary working visa in Australia and provide them with the supportive environment, guidance with engineers’ mind and successful pathway for career progression, as what I have been receiving."

Borui Jin

Electrical Engineer