Woolworth’s Leverage ConsultJR Expertise For HV Solar Connection

ConsultJR progressed the HV connection of the Woolworths Heathwood 1.98MVA solar system to the Energex network, stalled with time due to disagreements and uncertainties on technical details. In the connection application response, Energex imposed several technical obligations on Woolworths, including constructing a control room building adjacent to the existing 11kV ring main unit (RMU) to house Energex secondary equipment, which was not anticipated by the published standard STNW1175. Energex was unable to provide sufficient technical details on this requirement to allow Woolworths to proceed, and there was no space on site for such a building. CJR provided a range of solutions to satisfy the Energex protection-, remote control and monitoring-, and communication requirements, which allowed Woolworths to proceed and complete the connection application, delayed for a year.

Scope of Works included:

  • Technical assessment of the existing design and the Energex requirements
  • Preparation of detailed design drawings and reports for negotiation with Energex
  • Detailed design of a stand-alone protection and communication enclosure in lieu of a control room
  • Modifications to the existing 11kV RMU
  • Grid-backup protection design for the Woolworths grid protection relay (GPR)

Project highlights:

  • Technical assessment of the existing 11kV RMU, Energex connection application response, and Energex standards (STNW1175)
  • Detailed design of a three-tier protection and communication enclosure, including:
    • Telecoms and SCADA panel
    • Energex protection and power quality meter panel
    • Battery charger panel
    • Customer interface panel
  • Design of a DNP3 over IP interface
  • Design of a DC distribution board
  • CT and VT design and verification
  • Grid-backup protection design, including:
    • passive anti-islanding
    • neutral voltage displacement
    • directional overcurrent
  • SCADA signal-exchange design
  • Update to the existing single line diagram (SLD)
  • Cable schedules
  • LV Supply design for the enclosure

Project Details:

  • Location: Heathwood, QLD
  • Client: Woolworth's Limited
  • Duration: Oct 2021 - Jan 2022

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